18th & 19th Century Epitaphs
(part 7 of 9)
Brewster, Harwich, Chatham, Orleans, Eastham

Gravestone epitaphs are listed in chronological order for each burying ground.
Towns are listed west to east on Cape Cod
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  Name   Burying ground  
  John Mayo (1725)   Brewster  
  Hannah Dunster (1766)   Brewster  
  Benjamin Bangs (1769)   Brewster  
  Joshua & Isaac Bangs (1778, 1780)   Brewster  
  Heman Stone (1779)   Brewster  
  Nathaniel Lincoln (1785)   Brewster  
  John Seymaur (1785)   Brewster  
  Benjamin Berry (1790)   Brewster  
  Isaiah Dunster (1791)   Brewster  
  Phebe Mayo (1791)   Brewster  
  Isaac & Sukey Bangs (1795, 1794)   Brewster  
  John Simpkins (1799)   Brewster  
  Hannah Mayo (1803)   Brewster  
  Susanna Winslow (1803)   Brewster  
  Hannah & Nabby Mayo (1805, 1797)   Brewster  
  John Winslow (1806)   Brewster  
  John Dillingham (1763)   Brewster Dillingham Cem  
  Mary Dillingham (1764)   Brewster Dillingham Cem  
  Catherine Mayo (1809)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Asa Mayo (1823)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Sally Mayo (1835)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Sally Snow (1836)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Nathan Winslow (1836)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Henry Rogers (1840)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Adaline Crosby (1843)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Joseph Sampson (1844)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Sally G Burgess (1847)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Elijah Cobb (1848)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Otis W Bacon (1849)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Ann Louisa Crocker (1849)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Sophia L Bartlett (1851)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Almira Linnell (1852)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Sarah H Foster (1853)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Jonathan F Knowles (1856)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Keziah Hopkins (1857)   Brewster Lower Road Cem  
  Thankful Homer (1828)   Brewster Red Top Cem  
  Ruth Crowell (1838)   Brewster Red Top Cem  
  Lydia H Sears (1839)   Brewster Red Top Cem  
  Hitty Sears (1842)   Brewster Red Top Cem  
  Reuben Sears (1844)   Brewster Red Top Cem  
  Edmund Sears (1796)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Mehitabel Sears (1798)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Jacob Sears (1803)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Seth Sears (1806)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Thankful Sears (1811)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  John Sears (1812)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Sally Sears (1812)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Keziah Sears (1827)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Sarah Sears (1834)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Elkanah Sears (1836)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Elisha Sears (1838)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Mercy Sears (1846)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Susan Sears (1857)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Azubah Sears (1867)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Sallie Sears (1889)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Thomas Sears (1891)   Brewster Sears Cem  
  Thomas Nickerson (1789)   Harwich  
  Patience Hall (1791)   Harwich  
  Seth Hall (1793)   Harwich  
  Lydia Butler (1798)   Harwich  
  Sally Doane (1798)   Harwich  
  Benjamin Freeman Weekes (1802)   Harwich  
  Jonathan Collins (1808)   Harwich  
  William Allen (1809)   Harwich  
  Thomas Burgess (1816)   Harwich  
  Seth Burgess (1831)   Harwich  
  Osborn Snow (1831)   Harwich  
  Stephen Burgess (1832)   Harwich  
  Azubah Burgess (1837)   Harwich  
  Thomas Snow (1838)   Harwich  
  Benjamin D Smith (1839)   Harwich  
  Nathan Underwood (1841)   Harwich  
  Priscilla Snow (1842)   Harwich  
  George Weekes (about 1770)   Harwich Island Pond  
  Barbary Weekes (1798)   Harwich Island Pond  
  Artemas Jean Haynes (1908)   Harwich Island Pond  
  Rosalinda Sears (1826)   North Harwich Cem.  
  Hannah Chase (1829)   North Harwich Cem.  
  Job Chase (1833)   North Harwich Cem.  
  Smyra Eldridge (1841)   South Harwich Cem.  
  Betsey Nickerson (1842)   South Harwich Cem.  
  William Nickerson (1690)   Chatham  
  Samuel Collins (1799)   Chatham  
  Samuel Howes (1799)   Chatham  
  Azubah Mayo (1809)   Chatham  
  Hannah E Hammond (1859)   Chatham Seaside  
  Isaac L Hammond (1859)   Chatham Seaside  
  Augustus H Eldridge (1864)   South Chatham  
  Nathaniel Eldredge (1829)   South Chatham Eldredge Cemetery  
  Elizabeth Eldredge (1830)   South Chatham Eldredge Cemetery  
  Eliza Howland (1853)   South Chatham Eldredge Cemetery  
  Joseph Doane (1757)   Orleans  
  Joseph Crocker (1772)   Orleans  
  Jonathan Bascom (1775)   Orleans  
  Phebe Paine (1779)   Orleans  
  Samuel Kenwrick (1791)   Orleans  
  Joseph Seabury (1801)   Orleans  
  Jonathan Bascom (1807)   Orleans  
  Samuel Comings (1829)   Orleans  
  Sally Taylor (1830)   Orleans  
  Susan M Gould (1838)   Orleans  
  Isaac Sparrow (1843)   Orleans  
  Lusha Snow (1854)   Orleans  
  Daniel Higgins (1857)   Orleans  
  James E Studley (1864)   Orleans  
  Jonathan Doane (1780)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Willard Knowles (1786)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Bethia Knowles (1789)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Dorcas Shaw (1797)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  John Doane (1800)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Robert Knowles (1800)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Betsey Knowles (1805)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Eliza Knowles (1805)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Polly Smith (1805)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Bial Freeman (1809)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Emeline Knowles (1811)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Warren Sparrow (1812)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Bethiah Collins (1816)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Margery Knowles (1816)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  John Mayo (1816)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Sarah Myrick (1817)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Simeon Smith (1818)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Azubia Cole (1820)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Ruth F Harding (1823)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Hannah Knowles (1823)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Michael Collings (1828)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Sophia Cobb (1833)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Rebecca B Cole (1834)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Patty Cole (1842)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Joshua W Nickerson (1868)   Eastham Bridge Road  
  Richard Sparrow (1660)   Eastham Cove  
  Constance Hopkins Snow (1677)   Eastham Cove  
  Joseph Rogers (1678)   Eastham Cove  
  John Doane (1685)   Eastham Cove  
  Ralph Smith (1685)   Eastham Cove  
  Giles Hopkins (1690)   Eastham Cove  
  Samuel Treat (1716/17)   Eastham Cove  
  Anne Smith (1830)   Eastham Congregational & Soldiers  
  Ruth Smith (1834)   Eastham Congregational & Soldiers  
  Sarah Paine (1842)   Eastham Congregational & Soldiers  
  Ebenezer Paine (1845)   Eastham Congregational & Soldiers  
  Charles A Hopkins (1868)   Eastham Congregational & Soldiers  
  Zara Higgins (1871)   Eastham Congregational & Soldiers  
  Joseph S Higgins (1878)   Eastham Congregational & Soldiers  
  Solomon Young (1878)   Eastham Congregational & Soldiers  
  Sarah Holbrook (1879)   Eastham Congregational & Soldiers  
  Rachel A Doane (1881)   Eastham Congregational & Soldiers  
  James Mayo (1828)   Eastham Evergreen  
  Obed Knowles (1833)   Eastham Evergreen  
  Betsey F Doane (1842)   Eastham Evergreen  
  Joshua P Atwood (1843)   Eastham Evergreen  
  Hannah Knowles (1849)   Eastham Evergreen  
  Elijah E K Cobb (1853)   Eastham Evergreen  
  Rebecca F Mayo (1873)   Eastham Evergreen  

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